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Vetted & Experienced Signing Agents Signing agent credentials are manually reviewed for accuracy and compliance

   Our Vetting Process

Each of our signing agents is required to possess two (2) years of prior signing experience before they can perform our closings. We request three (3) professional references, and the signing agent must demonstrate industry knowledge and professionalism via our application process and questionnaire. We expect much more than simply witnessing a signature.

All active signing agents in the Signature Closers Network maintain an annual background check that meets the criteria of the Signing Professionals Workgroup.

Signing agents also provide a valid notary certificate, title producer’s license or bar commission (where required), errors and omissions policy, W-9 or other tax information, and more. Whereas some of our competitors and other software providers rely on the integrity of this information as provided by the signing agent, we manually review these documents for accuracy and compliance in our Compliance Department.

Our signing agents receive an automated email reminder thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of compliance-related documents. If an updated document or renewal is not provided by the time of expiration, the signing agent is automatically marked “inactive” and grayed out in the Signature Closers Network until they provide an updated document. Signing agents that have fallen out of compliance receive bi-weekly email reminders to provide updated documents until such time that they provide updated documents or opt out of receiving future emails.

   Our Ranking and Assignment

Each of the signing agents in the Signature Closers Network are ranked using our proprietary algorithm that takes into account historical performance, closings completed, positive performance feedback bonus points, recent closing performance, overall error rate, and any negative feedback provided.

Clients can flag their favorite signing agents as a preferred partner on their closings and alternatively clients can also choose to remove a signing agent from active status on their closings due to poor performance.

Our dynamic ranking system ensures that only the best signing agents are assigned to closings and incentivizes signing agents to deliver outstanding results on every closing.

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About Us

Signature Closers provides full- and self-service signing support for title companies and lenders via our vetted, compliant, eNotary-capable network of notary signing agents and attorneys. The SYNC platform, built on Signature's years of full-service signing management best practices, provides the most robust, configurable, transparent, Resware-ready, and cost-effective solution for companies looking to automate and manage signings in house.

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