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    Welcome to
    Signature Closers
    Completing signings for title companies and lenders across the United States
    through our vetted network of notary signing agents and attorneys
    or by providing network access to allow full-service, compliant closing management in-house
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    Experienced, Vetted Network
    Signing agents and attorneys across the United States
    Security and Compliance
    Security and compliance program approved by publicly traded client auditors
    ReswareTM Integration and Custom Software
    The most complete ReswareTM integration and other custom software solutions
    Online Closing Manager Platform
    Manage your closings with complete control and transparency
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    We believe our notary signing agents are the best in the country and invite you to join the best!

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Resware Integration

We’ve been integrated since August 15, 2012 and have the most complete integration in the industry among signing services or signing software. Automate your process with us. Learn More

“Signing Catch” Mobile App

Signing agents use our mobile app throughout the closing process to provide immediate status updates including order acceptance, confirmation of contact with the signer, and to mark a closing complete. Your clients will appreciate the instant notifications and strong communication. Learn More

Closing Manager Dashboard

Real-time view to closing status, ability to securely upload closing documents and retrieve scanned closing documents after the closing, view shipping status and invoices for any closing at any time.

Services and Features

The preferred closing partner of local, regional, and national title companies since 2006.

Security & Compliance

Whether you are a publicly traded Fortune 500 company or a local title company, we’ve got you covered with our security and compliance program. Learn More

Vetted & Experienced Signing Agents

Signing agents with an annual background check, verified notary credentials, and a minimum of 2 years of signing experience. Learn More


We carry insurance to protect against the risks associated with signing agent errors, fidelity or criminal activity, general liability, and cyber liability. Learn More

Closing Audit History & Process Tracking Alerts

An auditable date and time stamp of all closing activity including document download activity as well as customized process alerts provided to closing agents such as deed requirements, funds due from borrower, witness requirements, and much more. Learn More

Monitoring of Secure Scans & Faxes

Signing agents can securely upload scanned documents to their portal following the closing and our team proactively monitors closings requiring faxes or scans to obtain them after the closing is completed. Learn More

Daily Shipping Status Report & Tracking

A daily report of all shipment statuses and a flag for missing packages that are not tracking for proactive research by our post-closing team.

Scheduling & Coordination

Our staff can contact your signer to coordinate and/or confirm a signing date, time, and location in addition to our signing agents calling to confirm the appointment.

Other Integrations

Integrations to SoftPro® and RamQuest™ through NotaryLoop’s Gateway as well as custom integrations with other title company software.

Monitoring of Document Downloads

Proactive oversight and follow-up phone calls to ensure notary signing agents have downloaded closing documents prior to signing.

Order Receipt

Send your closing order through Resware or logging into your profile on our site. We’ll respond with an email confirming we’ve received the order.

Notary Assignment and Signer Confirmation

We'll work to assign the highest ranked notary signing agent or attorney to your closing. Once assigned, you’ll receive a "Notary Assigned" confirmation email that includes details such as signing agent name, phone number, email address, fee, and more.

Document Receipt, Encryption and Delivery

Submit closing documents securely through Resware, other integrations, or by securely uploading the documents directly to the signing. We'll send a secure, encrypted link to the signing agent to download the documents. You’ll also receive an email indicating we've received the documents.

Document Monitoring, Notification, and Auditing

We'll track the document download status and follow-up with notary signing agents that have not downloaded closing documents in advance of the closing. This process, along with automated calls, curtail "no-call, no-show" scenarios.

Closing Completion

Our signing agents update the status of the closing including if funds were collected and when documents will ship back to you. We will provide an email with this information and also follow-up proactively on any faxes / scans required. We generate an invoice and submit it to you for payment. We pay, handle tax reporting, and provide all payment communication with the signing agent.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about a partnership with Signature Closers and what we can do for your business, please let us know! We’d love to serve you.

About Us

Signature Closers provides full- and self-service signing support for title companies and lenders via our vetted, compliant, eNotary-capable network of notary signing agents and attorneys. The SYNC platform, built on Signature's years of full-service signing management best practices, provides the most robust, configurable, transparent, Resware-ready, and cost-effective solution for companies looking to automate and manage signings in house.

Contact Details

  • 888-677-7462
  • 3136 Kingsdale Center, #117, Columbus, OH 43221